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Spa Pool

Swimming Pool Leak Detections and
Underground Pipe Leak Repairs

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How do we find leaks?

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Pressure testing

We run a pressure test through out all your underground lines and listen in for a sound to pin point the exact spot you are losing water from.

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Dye testing

We dye test common spots that tend to cause leaks. 
- Skimmers

- Pool lights

- Cracks

- Returns

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Our experienced technicians can find leaks in as little as 30 minutes.
You could say we have a knack for finding leaks!

How do we repair leaks?

We fix most leaks on the spot the same day we find them!

Underground pipe repairs

Once we pin point an under ground leak, we break through concrete or dig through dirt to find, repair and patch your concrete deck or grass!

We can repair cracks with either epoxy or original pool plaster colors.

Plaster Patches

Full replaster of pool with tile.jpg

Over 30 years of combined experience with  swimming pool remodeling has enabled us to quickly detect and repair most leaks the same day!



Our other Services

We know pools like the back of our hand


Reliable plaster crews since 2003! We offer multiple options for pool resurfacing.


Easily modernize your pool with our hundreds of tile options!


Flag stone can be difficult to maintain, we install only the best travertine. 
Travertine is low maintenace and lasts longer!

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What Our Happy Clients Say?

"They are very friendly and easy to understand"

Barbara - Manager at Dallas/Fort Worth Senior Apartment Homes

Kim - Austin, Tx
"After the fist meeting, they did everything quick and easy."
"Have anyone call me if they need to hear about how great you guys are!"
Wayne Darsey - Houston, Tx
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